Emergency Information

What to Do in Case of an Orthodontic Emergency

The doctors and team at Elko Dental Specialists understand that while rare, orthodontic emergencies do happen at home. In the event that you experience any of the following issues, please read how to manage them below and contact us if you have any further questions. We recommend calling our office as soon as possible to get an appointment scheduled (rather than driving directly to our office without an appointment).

Sore Teeth

This is a very common occurrence amongst orthodontic patients. If you recently had braces put on for the first time, you may experience soreness amongst your teeth, jaw and gums. This is completely normal and can be offset by using non-aspirin pain relievers or a warm wash cloth/heating pad applied to the sore area. Similarly if you are experiencing sore teeth after an orthodontic visit, you may try taking acetaminophen, heating pads, or salt-water rinses to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Wire Irritation

Quite often our patients experience discomfort caused by a wire that irritates their gums, tongue, or sometimes cuts into the inside of their cheeks. If this happens, we recommend trying to move the wire away using an eraser or cotton swab. If you aren’t finding success with this, try covering the end with a piece of wax that will keep you comfortable until we can schedule an appointment to see you at our Elko dental office.

Loose Bracket or Bands

In the event that a bracket becomes loose but is not irritating you, please call us to determine if you need to be seen right away. However if the band that wraps around your tooth becomes loose, it is important to be seen immediately. If this occurs, we will need to remove the band right away to avoid food becoming wedged between your tooth and the loose band. If time allows, we will attempt to repair the loose band on the same visit. If not, we will need to reschedule you to another time to have the band re-cemented.

Lost Separator

It is very common for patients to lose separators during the course of treatment. If your happen to lose a separator, please give us a call to see if it needs to be replaced. We should be able to determine this over the phone.

Additional Questions? Give Us a Call!

While extreme orthodontic emergencies are rare, they do still happen. If you are experiencing any of the above, please give us a call at 775-753-6118. Similarly, if you are experiencing an orthodontic issue outside the scope of these common problems, call us right away to determine if an appointment is needed, or if we can recommend a home remedy until your next visit.